Steve Johnson

Commercial Director, SAJE

Steve Johnson is a rare breed in the marketing sector, having real depth and breadth of experience right across the world’s major regions in large scale civil engineering projects, production, manufacturing, technical sales and marketing. Kicking off his career in the UK, Steve quickly gained experience across Europe, the US and Asia Pacific, where he has been based for the last 10 years. Steve has more than 16 years sales and marketing experience in specification sales, marketing and strategic development.

A very talented professional, Steve has a flair for sales and marketing, for channel and partner loyalty, his presentation skills are second to none, as are his motivational training skills. Steve can build a network of loyal partners and keep them motivated, he can work across all cultures respectfully and gain trust, and he has a ‘never give in until you succeed’ attitude.

Resident in Singapore since August 2001 (with a little stop off in Australia for 15 months), Steve has worked in direct sales, marketing, strategic development and training region-wide from Japan, down to New Zealand, across to India and back. Initially landing in Singapore to work with a Dutch-owned MNC, Steve was recruited from Europe and expatriated to Singapore, where he was responsible for regional sales, marketing, strategic development, partner training and motivation, as well as the sustained profitability for the operation.

Most recently Steve was contracted to work in Australia for 15 months in a direct sales role, with a brief to build a specific business unit, the revenue of which he doubled. During this time, Steve deepened his experience by gaining exposure across the Australasian technical textiles markets, as well as direct sales experience and liaison with Government bodies, such as Main Roads (Qld), The Road Traffic Authority (RTA), DTEI, and Vic Roads.

Prior to this, working with Colbond Geosynthetics, Steve had complete autonomy from head office in Arnhem, Holland and developed and grew its presence in the Asian market. Some of the challenges and opportunities for Steve during this time included separate sales and marketing strategy development for all countries under his brief, recruiting partner companies, nurturing strategic alliances, training a partner network of sales staff in every country and presenting to Government bodies.

Examples of Government bodies Steve has worked with include:

  • JKR – Brunei
  • Vic Roads – Australia
  • Transit New Zealand – NZ
  • Ministry of Transport – Malaysia
  • MOTC – Vietnam
  • Jurong Town Council – Singapore
  • Land Transport Authority – Singapore
  • Tuas Biomedical Facility – Singapore
  • Changi Airport – Singapore
  • MRT Circle Line Stages 2&3 – Singapore
  • Pasir Panjang – Singapore
  • Singapore’s Integrated Resorts – Singapore
  • Port of Brisbane – Australia
  • Koh Samui Coastal Defence Works -Thailand
  • The Lake Laguna Dam – Philippines
  • PNG LNG – Papua New Guinea
  • Hahn River Remediation – South Korea
  • Port of Pusan – South Korea
  • Haneda Airport – Japan

Prior to Colbond, Steve enjoyed his time with Polyfelt Gesmbh. Polyfelt engaged Steve as technical sales manager for the UK and the Republic of Ireland, based in England for five years. Steve was responsible for launching a new range of products to market, and within two years these “non-core” products contributed some 45 per cent of the national sales turnover – which was 15 per cent over the expected result. Steve was also a member of the company’s international strategic marketing group, responsible for such tasks as new market evaluation, product launches, application analysis and regional strategic development / training.

For the 18 months immediately after graduating from University, Steve worked as a geo-environmental engineer for the consultancy, Wardell Armstrong, in England. Key tasks in this role included project management, project design, site investigation, delivering clients’ requirements within strict timescales and on-site management. Key customers included Black Country Development Corporation and various public listed developers. It was soon apparent that Steve’s strong communication and interpersonal skills would be better suited to a more creative role in sales and marketing, rather than a technical-based consultancy.

Steve graduated from The University of Portsmouth with BEng. (Hons) in Engineering Geology and Geotechnics and was immediately an affiliated member of the Institute of Civil Engineers and Geology Society.

Prior to university, Steve had several interesting jobs including: 12 months working in the deserts of Yemen for Chevron doing geophysical seismic drilling; sales of new and used cars in London; and as a lifeguard in Southern France.

Steve has always enjoyed playing rugby at club and regional level. Other interests include white-water kayaking, diving and weight training. A passionate man, Steve is one of the most loyal, dedicated and trustworthy people you will encounter in your professional or personal life.

Get in touch with Steve at steveatsajeideasdotcom.

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